“You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out.” Deuteronomy 28:6 (NIV)

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Forging Elite Fitness

Welcome David!

CCC would like to welcome David Mosley to the team. David offers a Speed and Agility for Kids class. It is on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:45pm – 4:45pm. It is $40 a month for CCC members, $50 a month for non-members or a drop in fee of $10. Please come and check it out, these kids are having a blast!

New Coaches

We would also like to welcome Andy McDuffie, and Brandon Hardy to our coaching staff at CCC. We are glad to have these guys with us! Please check out their bios for a little more info on these great coaches.

Who’s Who of Circle City

Circle City CrossFit celebrates two years being open! Whoop Whoop. We are very thankful to each and every athlete, and our awesome coaches/staff for making CCC what it is today! This year we had a little fun with our members and did a Who’s Who of Circle City. Here are the categories and the members voted winners:

  • Most Entertaining- Cole Freeman
  • Most Talkative- Nancy Arnold
  • Most Athletic- David Mosley
  • Most Outgoing- Carmen Adams
  • Most CCC Spirit- Katie Pilcher
  • Most Improved- Sabrina Renshaw
  • Best Dressed- Tori Strickland
  • Best All Around- Brittany Freeman
  • Best Weight Lifting Athlete- Brent Poole
  • Best Body Weight Athlete- Brandon Hardy
  • Best Cardio Athlete- Jeremy Middleton
  • Best Rester During A WOD- Tommy Arnold
  • Most Likely To Make You Cry- Kim Dolar

2014 Competitions

Over the past couple of months we have had several members compete in different competitions around the area. These awesome athletes have represent CCC incredibly well and we are very proud of each and every one of them.

Snatch and Sniff- Jeremy Middleton and Daniel Byrd (mens scaled)
Meat Candy- Holger Hinchen and Mitch Creasy (mens rx)

12 Kids and Counting- Nancy Arnold, Mary Parrish, Katie Pilcher and Tori Strickland (scaled female) 2nd Place
The Struggles- Jessica Harvin from CCC with April Trammell, Will Wall and Derek Gross from St. Forge Fitness (scaled mixed)
Kill Cliff and Doritos- Stephanie Hagler from CCC with Adam and Kathleen Vinson from CrossFit Oneonta and John Cotley (rx mixed) 1st Place
Organic Chicken- Peter Pauley and Andy McDuffie from CCC with Joel Capra and Justin Fisher from CrossFit SPE (rx male)
Scared as Hell- Robbie Apple, Johnnie Burnett, Brady Hancock, and Tom Miller (scaled male)
Circle City CrossFit- Lance Hagler, Josh Parrish, Will Merritt, and Holger Hinchen
Hope for Hurst- Brent Poole, Cole Freeman, David Mosley and Tommy Arnold (rx male)
#4youKB- Melodye Maxwell, Heather Newman, Brooke Windham and Angel Oliver (scaled female)
3 Kegs and a Tallboy- Tom Renshaw, Jeremy Middleton, Don Estes, and Daniel Byrd (scaled male)
Push that Jerk- Brandon Arkle, Lee Merritt, Reid Merritt, and Trip Smith (scaled male)

Stephanie Halger (elite female)
Brian Lumbatis (masters)

#4#, Montgomery AL
Brandon Hardy, Brooke Windham, Kristen Burnett, Johnnie Burnett and Angel Oliver

Ted Hampton, Ben Armstrong, Jeremy Middleton, Ashley Whitehurst and Don Estes

Brad Strickland, Brad Deloach, Tori Strickland and Katie Pilcher

3 Whites and a Wong- Peter Pauley, Josh Parrish, Cole Freeman, Tommy Arnold (rx male)
Circle City CrossFit- Lance Hagler, Stephanie Hagler, Melanie Howell, Chipper Garrett (rx mixed)
Unbroken- Haley Wofford, Amelia Bass, Jessica Durden and Kylie Morgan (scaled female)

Brittany Freeman (rx female)
Stephanie Hagler (rx female) 1st Place