“You will be blessed when you come in and blessed when you go out.” Deuteronomy 28:6 (NIV)

Forging Elite Fitness

Yes We're Open!

Sorry we have not updated our Website lately. You can get current updates by visiting us on Facebook or Instagram

New Coaches

We would also like to welcome Andy McDuffie, and Brandon Hardy to our coaching staff at CCC. We are glad to have these guys with us! Please check out their bios for a little more info on these great coaches.

Who’s Who of Circle City

Circle City CrossFit celebrates two years being open! Whoop Whoop. We are very thankful to each and every athlete, and our awesome coaches/staff for making CCC what it is today! This year we had a little fun with our members and did a Who’s Who of Circle City. Here are the categories and the members voted winners:

  • Most Entertaining- Cole Freeman
  • Most Talkative- Nancy Arnold
  • Most Athletic- David Mosley
  • Most Outgoing- Carmen Adams
  • Most CCC Spirit- Katie Pilcher
  • Most Improved- Sabrina Renshaw
  • Best Dressed- Tori Strickland
  • Best All Around- Brittany Freeman
  • Best Weight Lifting Athlete- Brent Poole
  • Best Body Weight Athlete- Brandon Hardy
  • Best Cardio Athlete- Jeremy Middleton
  • Best Rester During A WOD- Tommy Arnold
  • Most Likely To Make You Cry- Kim Dolar